Songwriting & Musicianship

If you don’t have a good song, you don’t have anything!  We work with you to craft your songs so that they’re tight, catchy, and memorable, while still keeping them true to your flavor and style. We constructively critique your tune and guide you through the songwriting process until you’ve completed a song or songs that we all agree can compete in the marketplace. With over 20 years of professional songwriting experience, as well as extensive knowledge of the publishing business, we understand how to craft solid folk, rock, jazz, hip-hop, and pop songs.

Do you always have to rely on others to accompany you when you sing your songs? Or maybe you feel like your songwriting could benefit from having some music theory knowledge?

We offer 90-minute coaching sessions (in Los Angeles or via Skype) in guitar, piano, and music theory. With a wee bit of discipline and dedication on your part, we guarantee that our private coaching sessions will take you to your next level of musicianship in just a few weeks!


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